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At Toronto Gymnastics International we offer a competitive program designed to develop athletes to be able to compete in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at Interclub and Provincial competitions.  Gymnasts must be tested before being accepted into our competitive program.  Our women’s coaches work with each athlete to achieve their personal goals and their individual potential as a competitive gymnast.  Our training environment is safe and respectful of the needs of the athlete.  


Artistic Gymnastics is an individual sport, requiring years of dedication and training; however, we realize that gymnastics is only one aspect of a young girl or a young woman's healthy development.  When athletes join our competitive program they quickly appreciate the benefits of our athlete-centered club culture.


Pre-Competitive (ages 5 to 9)

Athletes under 10 years of age, who demonstrate the potential for competitive gymnastics and are willing to train more intensely, are invited to join our pre-competitive   program by the head coach.  Each athlete will individually progress through our mini, junior and senior pre-competitive levels. Training hours will vary, but training is all year round.


Mini Pre-Comp

This level is for the very beginner gymnast.  The training focus is on correct body position, conditioning and the very basic skills.  Training is 4 hours per week.  There are no competitions.

Junior Pre-Comp

In this level the athletes will be coached based on the Ontario Development Program (ODP) for women.  The athlete will train the foundations of gymnastics, and will participate in provincial conditioning and flexibility testing.  Training is 6 to 9 hours per week.  Athletes in 1st year Junior Pre-Comp will attend ODP competitions, athletes in 2nd year Junior Pre-Comp will attend ODP and OCP routine competitions.

Senior Pre-Comp

The athlete will continue to progress through the ODP, with the additional focus on her skill development.  Training is 12 to 16 hours per week.  The athlete will compete in OCP competitions, in preparation for the next years competitive season.


Interclub Levels 2-6 (ages 7 to 18)

At TGI we have a very active Interclub program.  Our Interclub competitive program is ideal for the athlete who is capable and interested in competing, but does not wish to commit to a lot of training hours, or compete at the Provincial level.  IOur Interclub Levels 3-6 program is for the competitive gymnast who wants to compete at the Interclub level.  The athlete will train skills and routines to compete at 3 or 4 invitational meets a year. 


Provincial Competitive Program Levels 5 to 9

Provincial level gymnastics is divided by skill level (ability) and age.  Athletes progress through the levels as they acquire the skills to compete safely.  Training is 16 to 20 hours per week, all year round.  The athlete will compete at three Provincial Qualifying meets and two or three invitational meets.  They will have the opportunity to qualify for Provincial Championships.


For those gymnasts interested in competing at a National level, our program is currently in development; however, we do have a number of qualified coaches available to coach at this level.

For more information on our Women’s competitive program please contact Lindsay, lindsaywhiting@torontogymnastics.com

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